How it works

Lift the fog around fertility. Frame’s comprehensive assessment, hands-on coaching, and intuitive platform explore the full range of factors that impact fertility to give you a clear sense of where you stand and what you can do today to get closer to your goals.

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A simplified support system

Get clearer information faster, then make moves at your own pace with a coaching experience dedicated to your goals and grounded in the latest research.


Answer some quick questions to get started, and shoot us a text when you need help.


Take in straightforward insights that capture your health in language you understand, and focus on a few action items that align with your priorities.


Don’t waste your time on prompts that don’t apply to you. Frame stays in step with what you need —whether you’re ready for parenthood or want to know what might be possible.

All the tools to guide you toward your goals

What if you could take steps now to prioritize your fertility later? Frame sets you up to understand your health and the fertility risks you can address now or simply keep an eye on over time.


Looking at all factors that can impact your fertility health, we’ll gauge your risk factors and deliver a snapshot of where you stand and where you’re headed. If you have a partner, we’ll ask about them, too.

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Expert coaching

A real person will reach out to discuss your results, answer your questions, and talk about your next steps, leveraging evidence-based approaches to bring your goals within reach.

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progress tracking

We make it easy to stay on top of your goals with tailored action items, timely reminders, and a dynamic plan that reflects changes in your health, lifestyle, or aspirations.

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ongoing support

From provider referrals to navigating care, testing, or treatment, our coaches stay by your side throughout your journey. We’re available through the app or via text, email, or video call to get you the answers, guidance, and reassurance you need.

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How do I access Frame? Can my partner use it too?

Frame supports individuals and their partners. Depending on your goals, you can go through the process as a couple, or separately. 

Frame is provided through employers and healthcare providers. If you are coming to us through those channels, you will be provided an access code to use when you sign up here and create your account (or login if you’ve already signed up). If you cannot locate your access code or are having issues registering, please reach out at If you do not have access through your employer or provider, you can email us at, and we will do our best to support you. 

I’m male, trans, or nonbinary — can I use Frame?

Yes, yes, yes! We support people of all sexes, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Whether you are years away from building a family, actively trying, or unsure of whether adding to your family is in the cards, we can help give you the best chance of meeting your goals.

Who are your coaches?

Our coaches have not only gone through extensive training on Frame and our coaching methodology, they also have deep expertise in health and wellness coaching through either an accredited training program, formal training in a related field (e.g., social work, doula), or both. 

Does Frame provide hormone testing?

Frame partners with organizations that offer at-home testing at a discounted rate, if needed. We can also help you understand your results and support discussions with your provider around hormone testing and other elements of a fertility workup like blood work, imaging, and semen analysis. Your Frame coach is your go-to for any and all questions related to products and services that you may need on your journey.

How much does Frame cost? Is Frame covered by my insurance?

The cost of Frame may be covered by your employer or healthcare provider. If you’re paying directly, you can use your HSA or FSA. For detailed questions about cost, please contact us at

How is Frame different from other digital fertility offerings?

Frame is proactive, holistic, and for everyone. 

We help anyone who might want kids someday prioritize their overall health and understand what they can do today for their fertility. We take a proactive approach to fertility and family building, and we help you understand the comprehensive set of factors that are (and sometimes aren’t) in your control—and what you can do about them. We know that your fertility is not just as simple as your age and hormone levels, and we’ll unpack it all to make taking action very easy.